John Thomas Cugley, born in Hereford 15/8/1874 and enlisted into the R.W.F. In 1893. Demobilised from active service with the rank of RQMS, he became Custodian of Castle of Dublin, Caernarfon and then Flint. His sons were, each in turn, born at each of these castles. He was posted to Flint in 1911 when the H.Q. of the 5 th. Batt. Moved from Hawarden to Flint and he recruited until 1918, when he was finally stood down and joined the civil police.
He died at Rhyl hospital in Feb. 1952.

The first photo, is the arrival in Aldershot on 22/9/1904. The R of R.W.F. touches his foot. The second photo is believed to have been taken in Bengal in October 1903, when he took his 3rd. Degree into Freemasonry, Invicta Lodge No. 2440